Refer clients to an agent of your choice and receive a referral fee.

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How Does It Work?

Real estate agents in AL, AR, GA, MS & TN, who no longer want to list or sell property, but wish to maintain an active license in order to make referrals and earn referral income can place their license with RCI. Referral center agents have to fulfill all requirements of an active license for education and renewal fees, but otherwise reduce the expenses of being an agent.

Requirements to Hold License with RCI

  • Pay annual RCI fee
  • Maintain active real estate license (including continuing education)

Step 1

Transfer Your License to RCI

Complete Paperwork to Join
  • Fill out state form to transfer your license to RCI.
  • Get the form signed by your current broker.
  • Send form with payment to RCI. We will send to the state.

When you transfer to RCI, you are terminated from your current brokerage. You will no longer pay monthly fees for your current broker, board or mls. Transfer fees vary by state. Typically $0-$50.

Step 2

Pay the Annual Fee

$125 Annual Fee for RCI (includes E&O).

Please do not renew your current E&O, as our policy is strictly for referral agents and we do not accept other policies.

You are required to maintain your active real estate license and pay the appropriate fees to the state. Typically license renewals are every 1-4 years and $60-$200 depending on the state.

Step 3

Send Referrals

Complete a copy of RCI's referral agreement for each referral.

Refer a client to any agent of your choice. Using the RCI Referral Agreement request a minimum of a 25% referral fee upon completion of the transaction. At RCI we can help you find an agent to refer business to, if you do not have one in mind for the needed location.

Step 4

Earn Income

Receive referral income, after a transaction closes.

When the transaction is complete, the brokerage accepting the referral will send the referral fee check along with the closing document to RCI. When RCI receives the payment, a check for 70% will be mailed to the RCI agent.