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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Referral Center service in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee. Click here for contacts.

It's so easy! Visit the join section of the site and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Follow the instructions to transfer your license and pay the fees. If you have any questions, you can contact the RCI broker in your area. The agent must hold an active real estate license, pay the annual fee to RCI plus any state fees and complete the required paperwork. Click here to begin the process to join.

Annual RCI fee includes E&O Insurance and administration fees is $125.
State fee to transfer your license varies by state from $0-$50.

The RCI agent must get their customer's permission and then collect information about the referral. For example, the customer's name, phone number(s), physical address, email address, area of interest, type of home (single family home, condo, townhouse?), price range, and any other information necessary to place the referral with a real estate broker. The more information the Referral agent can obtain the easier it will be to meet the expectations of the customer which will result in a referral fee. To place your referral, call a real estate agent of your choice or contact the Referral Center, Inc. and we will be happy to assist you. Complete the appropriate RCI referral agreement.

Yes! As long as the individual is an active agent, you can place the referral directly with that individual by generating and executing the RCI Referral Agreement which will also be signed by your RCI broker. However, if you do not know a specific full-time sales associate in the service area, Referral Center, Inc. can help select a reputable agent.

NO! You can place a referral anywhere in the world!

YES! You would refer yourself to an agent just as you would any other buyer or seller.
Plus, when you are buying or selling your own home, your split with RCI goes up.

When you are placing a referral with an agent yourself, the referral agreement is between the two of you, but 25% - 35%
is pretty standard. However, the minimum acceptable RCI referral fee is 25% and the most common is 30%.

When a real estate transaction closes, the destination company will pay Referral Center, Inc. a referral fee from their gross commission. RCI will receive that referral fee via postal mail usually within 10 business days of closing. The referral check is processed the same business day it is received and you should have your check in less than a week.

From the referral fee received, you will be on a 70/30 split with RCI.
Below is an example of how the calculation works when a referral is placed at 30%.
Sales Price: $200,000
3% Commission*: $6000
Commission X 30% Referral Fee
Referral Fee to RCI: $1,800
70% to Sales Associate: $1,260
30% to RCI: $ 540
*Commission for illustration purposes only.

Of course! RCI was created for people just like you who have chosen not to pursue real estate as a full-time career, or who are changing their occupation or are retiring from full-time work as a real estate agent. However you can generate referrals through personal and business networking channels.

RCI Referral Associates are ineligible to list or sell any property, participate in the negotiations or execute any real estate documents. You can refer your customer to an active real estate agent who will, in turn, provide a referral fee for the introduction.

Yes. If you know a commercial agent, you can place the referral directly with them. If not, contact your RCI broker for assistance in finding a commercial broker in the area needed.

If you make the introduction to a builder, let the builder know you'd like a 30% referral fee for the introduction then be sure to generate and execute a referral agreement with the builder.

No. As a Referral Associate you cannot join the local, state or national associations and will not be an MLS member… which means no more fees.

Referral Center associates are required to maintain their real estate license at their own expense which includes continuing education requirements. Educational requirements vary by state. Please refer to your state licensing commission for current rules. If you need continuing education hours, we recommend Success Real Estate School.

Yes. As an RCI Referral Associate you will need to hold Errors and Omissions insurance, the cost of which is covered by your annual fee of $125.00 to RCI. Please note, this insurance is specific for RCI Associates and RCI does not accept any other E&O Insurance. Be sure to cancel any E&O coverage you may currently have.

There is no requirement for Referral Associates to live in the state where they are licensed. As long as the Referral Associate completes the required continuing education and pays the state renewal fees to keep the Real Estate license in Active status, the Referral Associate may live anywhere they wish.

No problem. You can become an active agent and transfer your license back to another real estate company at any time. We will need to complete the appropriate state form and you will pay the required transfer fee to the state.

You can either retire or inactivate your license. We will submit the appropriate state form along with any required fee to retire your license and it will remain inactive in retirement as long as you continue to pay the renewal fees. Or, you can surrender it to the state with no fee; however, if you ever want it to be active again, you will have to start over taking the required pre-licensing course and exam.


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