Are you a real estate agent who doesn't want to sell anymore or pay high fees?

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The Referral Center Inc. (RCI) began in 1986 in Memphis. RCI is licensed to operate in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We offer real estate agents, who no longer want to list or sell property, a way to maintain an active license in order to make referrals and earn referral income.

How Does It Work?

  • 1

    Transfer your license to the Referral Center

  • 2

    Pay the RCI annual fee

  • 3

    Send Referral

  • 4

    Earn Income

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Why Agents Join Us?

Reasons Agents Join

  • No longer want to list or sell
  • Want to maintain an active license
  • Retiring from real estate
  • Have limited time
  • Need a temporary break
  • Want to reduce expenses and MLS fees
  • Believe real estate isn’t for them

Benefits of Membership

  • Earn referral income (even on your own property)
  • Keep your license
  • Minimal fees due to RCI, no more MLS fees
  • Earn income from previous customers
  • Negotiate referral fee
  • Receive company support
  • Return to full time real estate at any time
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